1. Young Men & Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction: What Experts Say

    2015-10-04 by Diana fka Desi Foxx

    The Porn Effect by Matt Fradd Sep 29 I’ve put this article together for two reasons: First, if you’re a …
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  2. POPE FRANCIS: Society Must Protect Their Most Vulnerable

    2015-09-21 by Diana fka Desi Foxx

    LIFE NEWS BY  SARAH ZAGORSKI   SEP 21, 2015   |   6:50PM    WASHINGTON, DC In Cuba, Pope Francis …
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  3. A Letter to My Son In Response to Recent Scandals

    2015-09-19 by Diana fka Desi Foxx

    A Letter to My Son In Response to Recent Scandals MOVIE GUIDE By Michelle Lazurek, Contributing Writer Dear Son, It …
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  4. KRISTEN HAWKES: Thank God for Grandmothers, They’ve Helped Pairs Bond and Get Romantic

    2015-09-09 by Diana fka Desi Foxx

    The Market Business by Tony D. Booth Sep 08, 2015 According to an anthropologist of University of Utah (UOH). Kristen Hawkes made …
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  5. What Happens to Our Girls When We Don’t Talk about Sex

    2015-08-29 by Diana fka Desi Foxx

    (iStock) Washington Post by By Joyce McFadden May 21The recent New York Times Magazine article, “Let’s Talk (Frankly) About Sex” by …
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  6. Four Messages to Help Girls Reject Porn’s Fake Beauty – Great Advice for Women Too

    2015-08-20 by Diana fka Desi Foxx

    Porn Proof Kids – Posted on June 22, 2012 What is beauty? Who decides? As I grew up, I started …
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  7. DISNEY PIXAR: Turning Children into Adults & Adults into Children – It was Better When We Knew Our Roles

    2015-08-07 by Diana fka Desi Foxx

    The Independent by Simon Kelner Wednesday 5 August 2015 It may be the silly season, but the feel-good, fun-for-all-the-family film that’s …
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  8. GEN XXX: Teens Addicted in a World Awash in Porn

    2015-08-01 by Diana fka Desi Foxx

    http://cbn.com/tv/embedplayernews.aspx?bcid=2007428433001 By Paul Strand CBN News Washington Sr. Correspondent When it comes to pornography, no one is immune. It affects …
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  9. CHRISTIAN RAPPER TRIP LEE : Porn ‘Epidemic’ Ruining Lives, Marriages and Ties with God

    2015-07-24 by Diana fka Desi Foxx

    Czarina Ong 24 July 2015 on Christian Today Christian rapper Trip Lee discusses the negative effects of porn in his book …
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  10. Survey: 40 Percent of Parents Use Social Media for Parenting Advice – Keep Sharing!

    2015-07-21 by Diana fka Desi Foxx

    According to a Pew Research Center survey, more than 2,000 parents were surveyed and about four in 10 said they …
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